CBA Wealth provides risk management solutions for clients based on a comprehensive capital needs analysis. As independent brokers, we are able to shop the Canadian market and offer the best rates  in the following areas:

Life Insurance – Both permanent and term insurance is used to cover families against this type of catastrophic loss as cost effectively as possible. Life Insurance, being a tax exempt contract, has several unique applications in both business plans and retirement income strategies.

Disability Insurance – A long term disability can devastate a financial plan. Disability insurance, often called disability income insurance, is a form of insurance that insures the beneficiary’s earned income against the risk that disability will make working (and therefore earning) impossible. It includes paid sick leave, short-term disability benefits, and long-term disability benefits.

Critical Insurance – A relatively new protection plan, critical illness insurance is a form of health insurance that provides a lump-sum payment should you become seriously ill. Although the types of illnesses covered differ from company to company, typical illnesses may include cancer, heart attack, stroke, blindness, alzheimer’s, multiple sclerosis, organ transplants, kidney failure, paralysis

Long Term Care – A program that is personally designed to pay for costs incurred from being in a long term care facility or from special medical care in your home.

Tax Planning and Preparation


Our investment process begins with an appraisal of your current situation and a recommendation of a future position based on your needs and thoughts. We strive to give you an unbiased assessment that includes strategies to improve your long term rate of return while reducing the short term volatility with the use of diversified managed money programs.

Our office deals with all types of accounts for retirement, education, and tax reduction including RRSP's, LIRA's, TFSA's, RESP's, and open investment account. Other specialty accounts including Registered Disability Savings Plans are also available.

CBA wealth offers private wealth management, mutual funds, pooled funds, wrap accounts, and segregated funds. 

We do the groundwork, shopping the market for the best available rate of return for any type of term deposit, locked in or liquid.



Financial Plans


Commissionaire of Oaths services are available for existing clients.

Whether you require a full or partial financial plan, all our advisors have the CFP designation, having been formally educated and trained to provide the finest advice to assist you and your family. Planning includes Retirement Income Projections, Retirement Cash Flow Analysis, Investment Plans, Insurance Stratregies, Education Plans, and Divorce Assistance.

Commissionaire of Oaths


Ryan assists in the advanced tax planning process for CBA WEALTH clients.  Income taxes play an integral part of retirement, estate and investment planning . As something that never “goes away” they need to be addressed in any financial plan. Can you outright reduce the tax you are paying? Are there deductions and tax credits that you are not taking advantage of? Should you contribute to an RRSP or invest in capital gains/dividend producing investments outside your RSP? What role can a TFSA play in reducing taxes before and during retirement? Can you manage your investment portfolio to take advantage of tax preferential income? What are the best ways of splitting income among others in your family? Are charitable donations being properly utilized both during your lifetime and after death?

The tax planning process generally takes 2-4 hours and is offered as a value added service to CBA planning clients or can be accessed by individuals who are looking for fee for service engagements only.

Tax Preparation:

We offer full personal and limited corporate tax preparation services throughout the year. Returns are prepared from client provided information slips and schedules and filed with Canada Revenue Agency electronically. Terminal and estate returns can also be compiled and filed with the tax authorities with particular attention being paid to filing requirements and deadlines.

The client is provided with a paper copy of all returns. A copy is retained on file in our office so we can assist in any assessment, reassessment or inquiries by Canada Revenue Agency.

Your marriage may be over, but the rest of your life is still ahead. Working with a CDFA (Certified Divorce Financial Analyst) can increase your chances of reaching a settlement that fully addresses your long-term financial needs, securing your financial future.
A CDFA is trained to help determine the short-term and long·term financial impact of a proposed
divorce settlement, offer valuable insight into the pros and cons of different settlement options, and help you avoid the common financial pitfalls of divorce

For a reliable source of information about divorce and financial planning contact Diane Marsh at 780-440-2299. Diane completed her training through the Institute of Divorce Financial Analysts in July 2008 and continues to work and study in this field.

Divorce Financial Planning

We work closely with Human Resource departments in larger firms, and business owners and key personnel in smaller firms to tailor a Group Benefit Plan specifically for the needs of employees. These plans include group life, disability, dental, and medical benefits among other assistance programs.

CBA Wealth is also a quality provider of Group investment plans ranging from Pension Plans to Group RRSP, all designed on attention to each employees specific financial needs.

Group Benefits